Trust and Communication

From a trust perspective, not advice but a possible suggestion is that if you think you have some misunderstanding with Mr or Mrs X , pls give it a try talking to him/her first and  go to next level only if that doesn't work.   Irrespective of the title, we are all humans and we all have our blindspots, we respond, react and many times we lose the actual issue and intent and start magnifying issues inadvertently.

We are all here to help each other and for work.

When it comes to communication, focus need to be "intended goal", may other things play a role that spoil the purpose. Our monkey mind many times confuses and make us get into "fight" or "flight" mode and  It is about how we train our mind and teaching it that "there is no war, this is no harm and the other party is not enemy".

It is always Ok to talk to other person and if it is not going Ok, "Party" can tell "Other Party" that I am not comfortable discussing with you".

Remember the consequences, if  A and B have a good relationship, if A thinks something about B and reaches out to B's Manager or above and then everyone is in action, it does more harm to A and B's relationship than the good it can do.  It takes out what ever safety we have before this.  Also remember the distance between A to B's Manager is bit more than  B and B's manager.

yes, I have been reading lot of books "Crucial conversations" , "The Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution",  "Conflict Resolution Playbook". and have couple of Sr Coaches and been bit of discovery.

Many times if we step back a moment and try to understand "Other Party" and their view, it may provide lot of clarity.

Not bookish knowledge but I am relatively in situations and as I learn and apply my learnings too.

My view is if it soothes other party , heartfelt apology (even if there is nothing went wrong) doesn't make the person apologizing a culprit. It is about helping others release the stress if any. It is going to be lot nicer when other party realizes and comes back  as well, but be ready not to have anything back.  

Remember, we are not in a war,  there is no winner and loser situation and we win or lose together.  We are one team and not in a tournament to win the title against other teams.

If there are situations where other people are running something against you and your efforts failed, you do not need to feel sorry about it.   Do not let that burn you, as much "other party" is important, you are equally important and you do not need to bite the poison and affect self and family.  Saying "STOP" or "NO" and protecting your self respect is basic right.   Any thinking around this be your last mile solution. Let your ego not worsen the situation.


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