Mindful conversations

Life is not about fighting. We are not owners but tenants on this planets.

When we know the big picture, we will work towards the intended goal and not get lost into the winning and losing trap.

In order to have better results from your conversations, try to focus.

Be present. 
Be in the moment. Not in yesterday or not tomorrow or not being lost into some random thoughts. 

Be open:
As much as you present your thoughts, listen to the other party and their perspective. When you present, please have your data with you that is easily comprehending.  Similarly listen and sincerely try to understand other party.

Train your monkey:
Our mind plays monkey and thinks of too many things and some times these monkey thoughts start controlling you inadvertently.

The way our mind is designed is to protect your self and it's dedication some times works negatively.  We need to keep telling our monkey mind that we are not into war and there are no real losers or winners sepately in a conversation. If you think you won, be ready to meet some passive aggression from other party.

When dealing with non co operative other party, you may not be achieving your intended result but at least you know you tried many things need and your attempts were sincere.

It is not always the success and listen to monkey mind and inform that that's ok, it's not a war!


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