Saturday, May 26, 2007

Here is an announcement. I got a personal website. It is still underconstruction but still you can have a visit to the page at

These days i am trying to learn PHP\MySQL site building. Was browsing through lot of sample web templates and trying to customize, creating simple programs like sending email through php, form validation, javascript validation etc.

The goal for me now is to have sufficient information about building a website in php\mysql. Validation, rolebased access,handling the postbacks in the page, creating a re-usable web page template (with place holder for server side functionality) etc.

In general, I am trying to create a single php page with multiple functional components that can be included based on the user request.

Some of tools/webpages that i found useful are
Zeroweb web templates

Problem with internet is we got hell lot of junk, and filtering what is re-usable is very difficult. sometimes i find google silly, it gives you all stupid results while some other search engines like altavista give some useful references.

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