Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Missing Maddy

Maddy has become one of the well known person in the Europe and especially in UK.
Maddy(Madeleine McCann) has become popular all of sudden(She is missing for the last few weeks i.e from may 3rd). There is a website setup to find her and there is a big reward if some one is going to find her (2.6 million pounds).

I dont know where maddy is but her parents got a chance to visit Pope (read yesterday's news). so many things are happening around. there is a fund setup to search her,posters every wehre, a website etc....

I am thinking of millions of kids who dont have basic facilities... there is big fund (out of donations) setup for finding maddy.How about all other little boys and girls?

How wonderful it will be to see all other kids in the world too getting this much of attention? There are many kids who are abandoned by parents, some are sold because parents can not feed them properly or they are just greedy. some are forced to do things that are illegal. All these things can be avoided if we care for all kids not just maddy.

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