Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Being a tech lead for a DOTNET project, and now talking of JFreechart (actually no free time now a days).. Its bit contradictory, but pavani's mail made me look into this in my off office hours. Its nice java API for chart.

I was going through the blog of the guy who has been able to keep JFreechart active. the proud owner of JFreechart (Dave Gilbert who owns

He is an interesting personality on 2 accounts.

He worked for what he wanted to. (On JFreeChart for around 6 years). He created the API and is managing it dedicatedly.

Secondly, He sticked to what he believed in. Didnt give in to the corporate pressures to sell or join some company.. As some one rightly said, instead of writing software for some company accountings, It is good if you can stand on your own and do something that you always want to do. Dave is doing that. Thats great Dave

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