Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kitchen experiments

Food has been a little problem for me in Edinburgh. The solution.... Preparing food on my own. Yes it is a good time pass for me (apart from spending time on my laptop). and i get to do lot of experiements in kitchen (some of them fail like the bread upma which tasted real bad :-( ).

Somerfield is a good shop where you get all items that you require. Its kind of Trinetra (as in Hyderabad, India). A supermarket chain across UK. I didnt like the ready to eat biryani and other items. they didnt taste good for me. I need something spicy (not too spicy). Most of the food that i get over here is not at all spicy and other thing is you dont know what will the food be consisted of. many items consist beef which i dont like to take (i didnt like the taste, i remember i had bad experience in The Park Restaurant, Chennai).

Well other side effect of self cook is that you eat too much. My wife is asking me to go for jogging or do something of that sort. Hmm i am lazy enough to go out.
only thing i do is get up, get ready, get 25 and reach till 5.30 or 6 in the evening, get 25 back, get down at Haymarket and walk straight to home (some times get down at somerfield itself to buy some stuff or the other).

Edinburgh is a nice place, you can go for a walk or jog any time through out the day (because the weather is almost like mornings in india).

One important thing about SEED is now Ananth is shifted to London. SEED strength is almost double now. lots of changes to come.

Last weekend i went to zoo and some other places in Edinburgh, i created 2 albums (birds and animals, flowers and leaves) on picasa. if you have time you may want to go through them.

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