Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Busy week

This week has been bit busy for me. One side i had one very important personal commitment and other side i had demo to US team(Doug and Gaurav the very important guys in digital harbor). And fortunately both went smoothly. I went back to my college days as i was studying hard with full attention and concentration. It was a great learning for me. i refreshed some of my bascis of software.

Demo, we were bit worried about the demo but it went fine. this actually gave us an opportunity for presenting the last few months work. The major work has been done in the last 3 months though the project has been there from the jan 2005 itself.
Its good work, and i feel comfortable in doing demo what i have done.

One thing i thought of blogging is that never ever take anything for granted.
Use the freedom in the positive way. Dont try to raise against those who gave freedom to you. it will hurt them badly and also it make them adamant in future, i.e somebody else may fee the trouble by your mentor(he may not give freedom any more to anybody else) so beware of what you are doing.

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