Dare to Fail

Yes, absolutely. Success always comes for those who dare to fail after dedicated attempt towards the goal. It could be anything. The goal could be a good job, or a getting admission into a school/college, love or could be anything.

Success always runs away from those who are scared of failures. Infact as the saying "Failures are stepping stones to success", each failure is a step ahead towards success in life. and ofcourse i assume here that there is enough dedication, persistance and courage to achieve what we want.

Great people like world reknowned scientists had great failures who gave us electricity , train, planes the computer etc... The list goes on.

I think success if comes at first instance of attempt, Its fine and good. But there is nothing wrong in repeated attempts. Because there are more than enough examples who were turned down by the fate or the society for their initial attempts to invent/discover something new.

There is nothing big being as human and still living a ordinary life. I think god has created each of us for a reason. May that is what we have been doing. And we need to have attention and dedication towards our goals.

Yes some times we do forget out goals and desires or to be honest they get suppressed by the worldly things. A guy may forget all his dreams, while trying to make his gal friend happy. or a person might have been allured to deviate from the original goals because of the worldly things say drinks or the lust or some may be just lazy enough to forget their goals.

Once i was reading a magazine which spoke of a small kid who takes sand in his hand and slowly lets it to fall down from hands. The author was actually referring to man who leaves off his goals. Yes I feel this is something terrible, which never get distracted. A small compromise is ok but not the full life. You may prefer to fall down to raise again, but the thing that requires here is the raising again.

yes, sometimes we do need to sacrifice some short time pleasures for the long term goals. But the successful people felt its worth of it. We do need to take pains and troubls, if we have to achieve the intended goal.

The warning is never ever forget what you want to be. Dont kill your ambitions. But at the same time be sure that is what you want. Never get demotivated by worldly things. Some people do get confused on what they want to be. Ask your heart "What exactly you want to be". Ask it now, and ask it after some time and keep on asking it, if the answer matches everytime, you can take it for granted that that is what you want.

And finally

All the best


adarsh said…
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adarsh said…
"I think success if comes at first instance of attempt, Its fine and good. But there is nothing wrong in repeated attempts........."
This is Perfectly right.. ;-) what u say..
adarsh said…
"Great people like world reknowned scientists had great failures ..."

wont i come in that list ? ;-)
even i had failures at first...but atlost i got what i wanted...
adarsh said…
Answer my question now.. "tell me what you want to be? "
what abt ur dream of buidling a hotel floating on water?
Hari Mallepally said…
Yes i want to build, that. I cant climb the sky all of sudden, a step at a time. Its not floating hotel i dreamed of. Its the floating University kind of thing ok.

I want to be a media barron also.
adarsh said…
university? no no.. u said hotel.. i still remember u saying ..
media baron?

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