Thursday, June 02, 2005

Human relations

Life has been a mix of everything. but at any point of time, any place i have been in the company of friends. friends play a vital role in our life. after all we cant live in solitude.

I strongly believe that there should be proper understanding, and trust in any relationship. When there is a doubt its better you get it cleared in the budding state itself, instead of keeping all your doubts in hidden form, and making the relations break.

Trust or faith in a relationship is very important, yes often we may encounter with the things we may not like, and yes never ever expect your companion to always obey you or just live according to your wish. first thing we have to learn for the success of any relationship is that we should honor the other person. its simple and makes relationships stronger.

Other Thing i was feeling important in any relationship is HONESTY. Yes, it does help a lot to grow the relationship. infact the basic reason behind may of the relationship breakages is that either of them is not honest.

Being honest is the first step towards creating trust in any relationship. you fight, you cry, you shout, you laugh, but warning is that do everything with honest, dont PRETEND in relationship.

One old formula which i like is that when you want "XYZ" to be according to your wish, first ask a question yourself, have you been according to your friend wish? if not just think a while, are you really justified with your wish?

Life is wonderful when surrounded by good people, ofcourse good or bad is relative but still in the social frame work we live many agree on what could be good or what could be bad.

Obviously we cant say a criminal or a rapist as a good or great person . goodness lies in the character.

Never talk in back of anybody, if you feel have some opinion about somebody say to that person at the face. when you have 2 friends, talking bad of first friend to a second one is never a good idea. its something cheap something that is not worth of it. this is about the relationships not about generic thing. obviously i cant go and say my thoughts about Prime Minister to him, this is something that i feel sharing with just my friends....
But speaking always helps, you know this is the future formula of all the dialogs. and the only solutions that will exist for ever in turms of peace.
weapons are not going to give any solutions its that you guys sit together and discuss and express your views understand the other person views.. and then surprisingly you will find it out that there is great intimacy in your relationship all of sudden.

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