june 2005, a month of hectic activities

Yes, it has been bit hectic. There have been fights, both in professional life and personal life. many things which i didnt wanted are happening. and the gap between me and the world seems growing. But i like the fights with world, because it makes sure that i will not be lazy and keep working on my goals. and the other reason is that the more i fight with the society the more it remembers me atleast for wrong reasons.

I became more alone in personal life, i dont understand what could suffice this. Ofcourse i was always weak in personal relationships, was trying hard to meet all the commitments i have, and the truth is i always wanted to be commited, and meet the commitments. But still things dont happen as we want. the other day i was remembering a saying "If something can go wrong, it will go, and at the worst possible time".

There have been tough times, lot of pain which made me cry, some times i just wonder do i really worth of my life? but then i do console myself (ha ha no other way around) i strongly believe i am doing worth of what i can do, and i wish to do justice to the role given to me by god. Life is something wondeful. I often get amazed by the thought of life. How wonderful god acts are!. The polymorphism of the material, it's simply superb. There exist the stone, sand and living beings. everything is made up of the very same material but having different functionality.

The recreation of the material, the amoeba, hydra etc, which get destroyed to created new ones, and the trees which grows seeds or roots giving raise to another trees, the birds which lay eggs, the mammals, growing of tender ones inside one's stomach and the delivery and the feeding of them.

It just fascinates me, some times i wonder the engineering skills of the god, and of human.

The worshipping of god in the human form( i do know the god's existance in another animal forms, in human community).

creating the living from non-living and making the living join the non-living, the birth and the death, its amazing concept.

Oh its going too big. let me stop with few thoughts..

Begging in new forms
Begging for human and money is going in different form, thing that attracted my attention is a news in a daily about some beggers making kids weak intentionally and rent them for begging for 10 or 12 rupees. This is something scaring me. Cant we see a world where everybody will be having what they need, and having nothing which could distrub other people?

The modern india A -380

I was reading some other artical which was talking of indian aviation problems of handling A -380 planes. seems for every 3 A -380 indian aviation industry owns, one should be flying.. The perils of infrastructure problem(here parking for planes)

Thats all for now, time to start work



saigeetika said…
Nice articles. hmm. If you feel alone, you think deep and come up with topics from Ameoba to God....!!

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