Confession is good

Its always better not doing mistakes. but even if we do, its better we confess it and correct ourselves in the beginning itself. It gives us confidence while removing our internal inferiority or the feeling of mistake.

Often people land up doing bigger and bigger mistakes to cover up the small ones they have done intentionally/unintentionally.

A simple lie lands you up saying thousands of other lies in making the first silly lie to appear as truth.

I feel the earlier we rectify ourselves its always the more better.

I did it too, today so i thought of sharing some thought on it.

Its wondeful to be without mistakes, but we poor humans tend to do mistakes..
we should always learn from mistakes, which make us strong in confidence, in technology and in life.

No, i dont mean we should do mistakes when ever possible and learn from them.
its always good to see a perfect life, everybody wants it. so my intention is that when something goes wrong, its better as early as possible we rectify it.

after all "to err is human"


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