And then

There was an accident yesterday night. both me and my vehicle are safe with some scratches.. It was really some kind of shock. Might be this is to alert me.

Looks like there are more and more unexpected things, in front of me.Need to be very much careful.

felt dull, but then life goes on!


adarsh said…
how did it happen? be careful while driving ra...
Hari Mallepally said…
hey nothing much happened. I was actually going slow only. thing is that there was one car coming opposite of me, so because of that light focus i was not able to see a brick on the road which made my vehicle to skid(some construction workers might have mistakenly placed it). and i fall down. as it happened all of sudden accidently, i got some scratches to hand and leg. but not big ones. just applied moov. now its ok. good thing is that i had helmet that time. which made my head safe but helmet glass joint got broken.
hi nath..b careful not with your vehicle but with fellow vehicle.these are the salman days where hit and run are prevalent.are u strictly wearing helmet or keeping it as your pillion???anyhow to day i am very upset to see your blog and at the same time feel happy that it is a minor injury.

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