Friday, July 15, 2005

AP Govt is a joke

AP govt looks like a joke. I am feeling proud not to have casted my vote till now. I was proud of chandra babu being CM. he was doing something. But this YS Reddy govt is a waste one.

The state minister Mr. Botsa was saying "latest 11 crore scam of VW cars deal" as a silly thing. And when the facts seems to be very open Mr.Reddy just transfered this particular minister from his ministry and asked for CBI enquery.

This political leaders are just trying to save their face. Ofcourse i do not have any particular enthusiasm or confidence in this guys. What i just expect from our political leaders is that they not to distrub the ongoing development activities. Things will happen on their own as long as govt not involves with the good things.

I do understand the govt is a bigger organization and it is simply not that easy to run the govt. But an integrated personality will never make stupid statements like Mr YSR has done. He said He will eradicate factionism and within months he killed paritala. Seems like he is thinking he is the CM for the state only for the benefit of the Congress. Everyday TRS people are giving all idiotic statements without any meaning. And still Mr. Reddy keeps mum.

The only hurdle to Telangana region is the TRS alone. This is the fact. I hate people to get advantage of the weaker sections. Mr. KCR got this enlightenment all of sudden? right in hid mid life? what the hell he was doing all his life?.

I have particular hatredness for this guys who just talk but not do anything.
I appreciate them being good orators but not of any use to the general public with that.

Cheating, Betrayal, Corruption and everything else is in place in the system. But good thing with our system is that it is still capable of surviving. There are many faces of the society. Financial, social and religion etc. We have everything but not good leadership. A good leader is the one who feels responsibility but not the one who just tries to save his face.

Mr Reddy has no personality of his own. He was never able to present himself as an individual power without Rajiv or Sonia gandhi etc. I wonder when Sonia grand children become elder enough Mr Reddy will change some district names of Andhra pradesh with their names.

Ofcourse Mr. Singh the great prime minister too, has no power. He is better fits as a Management & Finance faculty rather than a PM to a great nation like india.

A good leadership is something which understands the people and their sufferings and what is good for them and what is not!.

God, Provide us leaders. 1 billion is more than enough for us, now give us few leaders who can guide this billion not in terms of the increasing this billion to some more but in the quality of life and their welfare.


v_tel001 said...

I wish the AP govt. had used a little more common sense and been careful, instead of making over-confident statements (by Botsa Satyanarayana) and not gotten into this 'Volkswagen Scandal' .

oremuna said...

OK, You have ur feelings.

I don't like you being proud of not voting. Voting makes the difference. As every long journey starts with a single step, a single vote can make the difference. Just like all drops can make a glass full of water and up to an ocean.

Also looks like you are more influenced by our media. Which is much partial, has self ajenda, and needs some sencationalism.

Personally I don't worry about this 11CR business, as I feel it is like "koMDaki veMTruka veyyaTaM" if gone only a hair is gone, if comes then whole hill will come. Just imagine if everything went well and we have volks wagon in place how much AP has benifitted. But this 11Cr made much noice becasue there is nothing to sencaionize at that point of time for our poor, over crowded media. And the people who can not think beyod what is written in todays paper and what is shown in todays TV
are worrying more than what is needed.


Hari Mallepally said...

Hey Kiran, that was just a thought i got when i read about that. It is great to vote, but the main reason is i stay away from home almost all the time in other states and other reason is that there are no convincing leaders. all are bad in the game now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hari

I think you like our CM before 6 months what happen suddenly. :-)