Oka Oorilooo....

This weekend,I have seen a telugu movie, Oka Ooriloo.., a typical love story. where director seems wanted to touch a different angle of love, by killing the hero early second half of the movie.

I slept for 1 hour to get rid of the headache i bought for 30 rupees in srinivasa theatre,S.G.Palya, Bangalore.

I dont know much about love(might be because no body prefered me :-) ). I feel those who have somebody to love them are really lucky. just running around trees and hills and exchanging gifts is not love. True love is one which sustains are the burns and pains. How sweet it will be if somebody pats and stands with you in all your pains, when all the society is against you, and creating hurdles to you.

Give and take is not love, Its business. But unfortunately many will be wandering around give and take concept. For your birthday i will wish you and you wish me for my birthday... and if you dont, who ever wishes me is my beloved.. This is certainly not love, i am not sure whether this qualifies for friendship or lust or infatuation.

True love makes the people to bear any pain and to fight anybody. its not physical.or alteast i say its not physical love. its very much related with hearts.

Well, Other things i have done for this weekend are:

saturday i spent with my brother, sudharshan who was on his way to gandhigram.

and i went to my friend at IISC to clear my tax calculations.


adarsh said…
dude..do u know that few scenes of this movie were shot infront of my house in hyd...
Hari Mallepally said…
But your house? in hyderabad?
Did you buy house there?
v_tel001 said…
yes..true love is lacking these days..pure love is something which arises spontaneously...irrespective of the other person's looks, economic or social status (these are external baggage a person carries around).
Most of the so-called 'love marriages' these days are based on this external baggage. The guys select beautiful girls, the girls select rich guys....
that is not love.
Hari Mallepally said…
You look great kiran in your thoughts.
btw did i know you?
adarsh said…
no ra... rented house ra..

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