Saturday, July 09, 2005

This week

There is some good rework in Link Analysis Tool code. Brandon's wednesday conf call gave us some new thought of how to handle the passage of mutliple object references to multiple classes. Instead of passing the object references through constructors to other classes which may need those reference while executing some other method. To make this our classes our making a local reference to the constructor parameters.
Brandon was talking of having singleton pattern work here.

Then we changed the source code, all the places. We created a singleton class, which could contain arraylist of all the passible objects that need to be referred in other classes. Each component now will have an ID, which will be passed to other classes. and when ever an object needs some reference to shared objects, it will look into the singleton class. ask it for the required object while giving the ID of the component.
This seems to be some good suggestion. we just tried it which looked working fine.

There were issues with PIIE, PSC was started throwing some exceptions, which we corrected later on. PSC is calling the constructor of the component which creating its component palette. so there was some null pointer exception. The component main class constructor is not having a valid ModuleAccessor (this is getting created during setupUI) so the DataModel is having invalid permissions(this is getting created during componnet main class constructor having invalid ModuleAccessor (i.e null) )

Other things we have done is to rename some of the classes according to the brandon's terminology.

One other thing happened in this week is that i was given best employee award for the month of June 2005, in the first ever Open House event of Digital Harbor,India.
Nothing great to it, but it remembers me, that i have miles to reach and i need to be more dedicated towards my goals. Some times i get disappointed because i am running short of time.

I have seen 2 movies this week, one is "WAR OF THE WORLDS". I saw it with suresh and his friend. I liked the sound effects of the hall. I think english movies we cant enjoy much in TV or computer with ordinary sound system.

Another movie i saw is "Circar". This Hindi movie of RGV is good one. I like the way RGV movies have been. He dares to do experiments. This movie has no masala, no songs no love.

Yah, i am scared about love. I dont know much why this particular behavior. migh be because i dont find much of sincere love around this world.
As somebody was saying "Gals look for rich guys. and Guys look for beautiful gals".
And this is becoming mostly true in most of the cases.

Irony is often we tend to define True love. Love should be having only one meaing in essence. there should not be any true love or false love. But the truth is getting lost in some cases.

Changing guys is now more easy for gals. and the same for guys. They look for temporary gains in relationships. Seems like once a guy/gal is done with all her/his experiments with opposite sex, then they might be going for thoughts of marriage.
It looks funny to think of this. But at the same time its dangerous too.
Not just because i am in my twenties but because the youth is the foundation of the country. we cant make a strong nation with youth having no seriousness in their own life. so I think of this some times, and this reflects in my blog too.

Regarding family, called home few times this week. Seems there are rains in Bhallan Pally.

Financially, i got one salary but immediate question i got after getting my salary was "when will i get next salary". Things are tough to manage. Managing family and finances are bit tough things. I am trying to compromise in certain aspects so as i can address my commitments.

I wanted to do java certification this month but when there are many things to manage , i always go for priority based things, and so i have no thoughts of java certification right now. let my finances come to some order then i will think of it.

I was thinking of buying some vehicle but again not sure of it. It might not be wise to for this step at this particular point of life. i might have to wait for few more months to invest something on myself.

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