Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Virudh - A love story

Last night i have seen "virudh" at forum from the first row at PVR. Thanks to suresh gade, because of him i do see movies on regular basis now a days.
It was a love story i liked much but ofcourse no spicy stuff or lust. just love of a family. story of a old couple through the words of their lost son. An excellent depiction by Mahesh Manjrekar. the portrayal of love of a mother,a father and most importantly how an accident could take away all the happiness of a blessed family. It was touching movie. Sanjay dutt role was upto the character it required. sharmila tagore and amitab have done well in their role of old couple.

Thing that is fascinating in this movie is that how parents could dare to fight with society against all the odds just to prove that their son was innocent. The love of parents for their beloved son who was killed by son of a home minister.

Nothing much about lust, though there was some pub scene,which got john abraham his gal. I dont understand why people go too mad at pubs. :-)

Very different movie from 'DUS' which i have seen at PVR itself last week with praveen, anitha and kalyani. That movie was a dummy action movie.

Some body told me its remake of "Aa naluguru" of telugu, but it is not.
Virudh is worth watching at PVR.

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