one more hectic week

This week,too has been bit hectic. Mostly of the trouble shooting. Though i was able to fix the issues immediately when i come across them, it was bit painful. we spent most of the time to just figure out what could have gone wrong.

At times it was too much boring, i didnt know what to do. so i saw part of anniyan movie in my system and also tried to listen to songs..

My Cardless headphones are working fine. It works with fine with computer/TV/audio devices but the FM is not coming properly. upto 10-15 meters we can easily walk around while still listening to songs. Thanks to my EOM gift voucher of landmark. I was curious to have FM working. it works for few minutes and goes mum for next few minutes.

YFiles support guys were of great help. they were quick to my mails in sorting out the issues. seems like the class loader of piie is having problem with relative path of the resource.

One surprise was there from Brian Wilkins of VA office. today morning there was a mail from him saying "goodbye". Bangalore office has less attrition rate now.


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