Friday, July 22, 2005

Listen, see and understand

Today we had a conf call with US office big guys about the component i have been working on. it was funny to see their comments. 2 guys from the senior management worrying much about a simple thing, why that particular one is there!. they were not happy with the reason behind it.

I was expecting them to be more matured, if they do not like particular part it, they can see other parts isnt it? just blabbering around the same thing for the full session making same point again and again.

its like this.

1)why this is there?
2)why this is there?
3)why this is there?

and so on....

and irony is that out of those 2 one wanted to have that particular part(Here it is a tree strcture). and he too joined the other guy to blame us, saying that things are not fine. How opportunist that person is?.

after all my lead Nanda kishore was saying "Boss is always right". its we the poor developers have to suffer.


adarsh said...

but tell me why that is there?

Hari Mallepally said...

you are naughty adarsh