Sunday, July 17, 2005


This week movie is Aparichithudu(And yes not Anniyan but aparichithudu). This particular movie is really good one. Vikram has done it one more time again.
I liked the movie. There was great fun, excellent stunts, songs were good and according to the context, there was love, romance and yes the pains and the exhilaration.There was the sound of the oppressed, the inner man of everyone of us, who wanted the society to be better and void of corruption, cruelty and cheating.

The Multiple personality disorder, as the doc's in the movie say, means having different personalities in same body, The "Ramu" original personality, "Aparichithudu" the revolutionary and the "Remo", lover boy. Vikram as "Ramu" payed the way for the other two. Director fine tuned the movie such a way that it turned out as a classic.

The sanskrit part of the movie "Garuda Puranam" interesting one. i didnt understand when adarsh forwaded me a mail saying "Garuda puranam" list of the punishments for the sins of the humans.

It was more than a RGV movie. Not much dirty noice, no lusty love and most importantly there is a social eleement, the fantasy form of the everybody "The aparichithudu". There is inner "me" in all of us which want to correct things. But often we tend to blame others for all the sins of the world.

The Jesus said "Let the first of you having no mistake throw the first stone".

Here is Aparichithudu in "Tamil" I was not able to find a valid telugu Aparichithudu.

Seems Producers and the distributors were "anniyan" scared of the "Aparichithudu". They didnt release "Aparichithudu" in bangalore along with "Anniyan" and also Aparichithudu website seems to be in pending.

Yes, the "Fear of the wrath" is required, it makes all of us to be on track, and do away from our sinful thoughts.


Venky said...

Its not like producers and directors were not confident on telghu, but still felt that telghu ppl will appreciate good movies taken in other lanagiages as well!!!!

songs pictured in foreign countries and fights ( hope korean fights..) r really Wonderful and they offcourse deserve a loud applause from all of us.

MultiPersonality Disorder - interesting subject. The transition of the character from aniyan to remo and remo to Ramu and Ramu to anniyan....amazing acting by vikram !!!!!!
sustains the interest of the viewer till the end!!!!


adarsh said...

fights.... they copied some stunts from Matrix..
any how.. its a good movie..worth wathching...
btw ..shankar's movies are always good..

Hari Mallepally said...

you could always customize after borrowing thoughts from others.

I wanted to see Telugu version, but have to wait a long time. though i do understand tamil for some extent, i wanted to understand it better because of the talk.

Telugu one is in blore for the last few days only.

adarsh said...

":customize after borrowing thoughts
from others..."

hehehe.... opensource hain kya..
get from some one.. customize and use it...he he he...

looks like film industry is following software industry...
good symptoms.. ;-)

v_tel001 said...

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