Monday, July 25, 2005

java\j2ee links

good resources from UTAH java user group
yahoo messenger useful hints
IEEE bangalore
xml stuff and download
java questions
java mug J2EE
Martin Flower books

books on designing

uml tools list
UI totorials

Instant Messaging in Java
The Jabber Protocols
Iain Shigeoka
March 2002, Softbound, 402 pages
SSL how to
how to
red hat manual on virtual host settings
open ssl
lots of free tool codes. (java)
XML tutorials:

Ant tutorials:


SSL links
linux- apache certs
installing CA Into IE
The following helps in customization of JSSE like keymanager,
trustmanger etc. and includes a sample server/clients application with
custom ssl
ssl factory
sun forums
ssl client with authentication java program
Trust Manager factory
java sockets
Developer works good link
Client Auth
sams publishing

lots of imp links.. available here.
Funny readings:
book marks
Fullforms... u can find here.
network sorcery
Active directory description:
Junit and mockobjects
a yahoo group on junit
mock objects
cactus is a framework exention of Junit for testing server side componets etc.
we can test web/j2ee modules using this framework.
interesting faqs on junit
india child
JBOSS clustering
Mastering EJB
Java Passion


Eclipse 3.1

web app tutorial
about jboss
EJB Transactions

article on hypertext search engine

nice java core web programming stuff

core web programming

c++ books

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